Increase Your Business Productivity by Holding These Five Meeting Types

Meetings play a vital role in any business person. That’s why it’s important not to miss a single meeting so you’ll be up-to-date with the latest events and happenings inside your company. Your calendar is your best friend when it comes to such. That’s why it is crucial that you book these meetings to save yourself from trouble. With that said, listed below are five types of meetings you should note in your calendar. Let’s have a look at them!

Project Meetings

First and foremost, a project meeting is where all people are gathered together to discuss and share ideas for upcoming projects in your company. It’s important that every single employee from each department are present whenever there’s a project meeting.

Issues that needs to be addressed are also discussed in the meeting, as well as the progress of the project and the like. For an effective projective meeting, only invite the right people and keep the meeting short and concise.

Information Sharing Meetings

This one is a bit different from project meetings. Instead of brainstorming opinions and ideas, the goal of this meeting is sharing information and knowledge with the attendees of the meeting. That’s why every information sharing meetings has a guest speaker as they are the one who will nurture participants with the knowledge and ideas they have.

Along with this meeting comes with a lot of presentations, keynotes, and lectures. Thar’s why it’s important to have a short blocking before the meeting starts and make sure all the necessary equipment is working smoothly without hiccups.

Decision Making/Problem Solving Meeting

This one is a more relaxed meeting. Where people will gather and discuss business decisions that’s vital for the company. This includes opening a new office, hiring new people, and so on. All attendees of the meeting should be aware about everything that’s discussed so they can join in with the conversation and agree or disagree to some matters.

It’s important in a business that a decision should never be made by a single person only. That’s why this type of meeting is created to gather everyone to make part of the planned decision to be done for the sake of the company.

Collaborative Meetings

There are plenty of ways a collaborative meeting can happen. Be it an annual general meeting, committee meeting, creditors meeting, or a board meeting. The primary goal of this meeting is to discuss important matters such as supply chain movements, new market ventures, necessary expansion for a project, and the like.

Additionally, collaborative meetings strengthen the bond of each other inside a company that enables better decision making in the long run. The best part? Collaborative meetings can also take place in different locations depending on where the external groups are at. If ever these external groups are located in another country, it can still be made possible online with the help of Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts.

Innovation/Motivational Meetings

The key for every business success is by implementing innovation. This is the time where you and your team will do a lot of brainstorming and exchange different ideas to create the perfect formula for innovation. To make things easier, do some note taking, always be open with ideas of others, and encourage everyone to participate instead of slacking off.

On the other hand, we also have motivational meetings. This type of meeting is sometimes called as team building meetings where there are games, foods, motivational speakers. It’s like a mini party of some sorts. This meeting is also meant to uplift everyone’s energy and boost each other’s relationships, especially between managers and their employees.