Seven Essential Tips Before Starting a Cleaning Business

New entrepreneurs who want to earn some quick and easy cash grab should try cleaning business. Recent reports say that it’s the perfect opportunity for starters since the cleaning business has been well-received by the industry and became a huge potential for new entrepreneurs.

In the US, for as low as $2000, you can start your own cleaning business right away. All of these covers up from the startup costs, the equipment, and down to other extra expenses as well. Of course, you must also be willing to commit to such and invest your time to gain traction.

But before anything else, it’s not all jingles and bells when you start a business such as this. There are a few tips that you have to keep in mind for your cleaning business to be successful. With that said, let’s get it on with the tips below.

Get Ahead and Develop a Niche

Before you begin, you have to determine if your community needs a cleaning service. Should it be someone’s home? A building? or anything else? Scout your city and see if they need a cleaning service in their area. If they already have one, make sure to collect some information what your competitor does so you’ll have an idea how to make yours unique to get ahead of the game.

For starters, you may want to begin with residential cleaning first since it’s much easier compared to cleaning large establishments. Keep in mind that you need a large number of staff and spend a huge amount of startup costs when offering cleaning services on large commercialized buildings. So start small and let your business gradually improve later on.

Budget is Important

Every businesses needs to manage their budget properly to avoid sudden loss. This means taking into account for everything that is involved in the business such as licenses, equipment, employee wage, and the like. Since you’re new to the business scene, you may want to start small and only hire fewer staff at first. This will save you from startup costs and other expenses. And as mentioned above, you can start by offering cleaning services to individual houses before going all in into buildings and establishments to save yourself from an empty bank account.

Secure Licenses and Insurance

Keep in mind that acquiring licenses for small businesses such as a cleaning service will vary depending on the location you are in. To start, it’s better to have a talk with your local authorities first to determine what kind of licenses you need for your cleaning services. Additionally, you are also required to purchase a business insurance policy that covers unexpected damages in your client’s property just in case things won’t go down pretty well. Insurances protects your business from being bankrupt since they will be covering accidental damage instead spending money directly from your business itself.

Ensure that You Have All the Equipment & Supplies

Of course, how can one start a business if it doesn’t have any equipment and supplies to begin with? So before you start your cleaning service journey, make sure that you spend some cash on all the necessary equipment and supplies your cleaning business needs. Things such as aprons, cleaning supplies, disinfectants, house cleaning chemicals, paper towels, clothes, and the like should be your top priority.

However, there are some customers that doesn’t allow harsh chemicals to be used in their homes so you better opt for eco-friendly ones just in case. Organic and eco-friendly cleaning materials are also easy to the nose as well since they don’t emit a strong smell compared to purely chemical ones. To save some cash, start by purchasing cleaning materials and equipment on grocery stores and transition to bigger stores with professional cleaning supplies in the future.

Create a Brand Identity

Your brand identity is important to make your business well-known in the industry. What you need to do is to pay attention even to the tiniest details to establish your brand. This means having a consistent and clean-looking uniform, a tidy office where people can easily reach you out, and of course, friendly customer service. Additionally, you can also endorse your company on social media as well to reach more people to try your cleaning services.

Develop a Business Model

Now that you’re done on gathering supplies and creating your brand identity, it’s time to develop your business model and set cleaning rates. You have to do a lot of brainstorming here so that your cleaning service will get ahead in the competition. Think of ways how your cleaning service can be better from your competitors in a price that won’t hurt your customer’s wallet. A lower price point will help gain more attention and add extra service as time goes by. However, if you have come up with unique and better ways for your cleaning services, you may want to raise the price a bit higher. Of course, you need to justify it at first and tell customers some of your services that can’t be found on your competitors.

Market Your Business

We’re now ready and set to make our cleaning business into fruition. And what better way to start this is to market it into the people. There are plenty of ways to market your business! You can print out business cards, print tarpaulins and place them around town, contacting your local newspaper company and advertise your cleaning services there. But of course, the easiest way is to market it on social media. A lot of people today have their eyes glued on to their smartphone screens, and what better way to tell them about your business is by marketing it on Facebook or Twitter. Online presence is a must and if you have the cash, you can also establish a website as well.