Things to Keep in Mind Before Starting Your Blogging Journey

If you’re planning to start a blog and earn profit from it, then there are a few things you need to know about every nit and corner of such business. People often say that blogging is not as simple as a walk in the park and that is entirely true. That’s why we are here to help you out to make your blogging journey as smooth as possible.

Picking the Right Blogging Software

The right blogging software/site will help you achieve greater heights in the field of blogging. There are myriads of them around the web mainly WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, SquareSpace, and more. The most popular one is probably WordPress as they already made a name for themselves in the past few years and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Before You Choose

There are several factors that come into play when picking the right blogging site/software, and these area:

  • Price – Opt for one that doesn’t put a toll on your wallet. WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr are all free while SquareSpace and Typepad comes with a membership fee.
  • Ease of Integration – Another factor you should take a look upon is the ease of integration of your website as a whole. Make sure that the site gives you an option to host your own domain, as well as other features that can make your blogging journey easier.
  • Extra features – Sites such as WordPress has a “plug-in” feature where you can install different plug-ins from different sources to add more functionality into your site. This means that you need to opt for a site that lets you have limitless possibilities as possible.


Next, opt for a blogsite/software that lets you make changes and update with ease without the need of a web developer. Well, of course, you definitely need one if you want to fix some things in the backend. But in terms of user-friendliness, pick a blogsite that gives you just that and lets you publish in just a click of a button.

Search Engine Optimization

Your site will be nothing if it doesn’t have an integrated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) built-in. SEO helps your site rank higher in search results such as Google or Bing so more people can visit it. So ensure that you opt for a platform that is SEO-friendly without all the hassle.

Making Ideas Come to Life Using Your Business Blog

Assuming that you have chosen your preferred blogging site/software, it’s time to think of a blogging idea to attract readers, and of course, money from your site traffic. Think of unique ideas that sets you apart from other bloggers. Create something new and make a name for yourself that makes readers think that you’re a piece of treasure that they have finally found.

If you’re focused on creating a blog to sell your products, then write it in an informative yet educational manner. Make sure that it isn’t boring to read as well or else your readers won’t hesitate on clicking the back button of their browser.

Making Sure Your Content is Easy to Find

Now that you have thought of a content idea, it’s time to work on how to easily bring your content into the masses. Below are some few things you should do.

  • Using Target Keywords

Keywords can make or break your blogging site. The more you use them carefully and efficiently, the more your site/content can be reachable by many.

  • Learn how to Use SEO Efficiently

Along with keywords comes SEO. Such example of ranking higher on SEO terms is by putting alt tags on images you have used on the articles you wrought.

  • Entice Your Readers

To engage with readers, make sure that your articles are engaging and doesn’t become a snooze fest after a couple of minutes or so. The longer people will be in your site, the more money will come.

  • Be Consistent

Since you entered the world of Blogging, you have to write regularly so people will have something to look forward every time they come back to your site. A minimum of 5 articles per week will do the trick.

  • Make Use of Images

Visuals play a vital role in a blogsite content. That’s why you need to use images to make it more colorful and engaging. Opening a site filled with blocks of text is a huge turnoff.

  • Not Everybody is Perfect

Not every blogsite is perfect, so don’t worry about making mistakes here and there. Also, you should make your goals as realistic as possible and don’t make it too flowery. Doing so leads to disappointments.

  • Patience is Key

Everything takes time, let alone your blogsite. So don’t feel down when there are only a few people who will view your site for the time being. It will gradually increase as time goes by so cast your worries away.

  • Share!

Of course, last but not least, you have to share your content so that it’ll gain more attention. Take time to share it to your social media accounts or to your friends in the business industry. If you’re lucky, your blogsite will probably go bigtime in just a blink of an eye.