What To Wear To A Baseball Game With Coworkers?

Team building is an integral part of every company or small business. In this case, you can create a friendly relationship with your coworkers, while hanging out in nature helps you get closer than in the office.

Now, as your first baseball game approaches, you must have a real fashion dilemma on your hands. For example, what to wear to a baseball game with coworkers? If you work in a big company, then your clothes should represent your personality, but since this a great way to spend quality time with your colleagues, then your fashion choice should be causal at the same time.

Now, let’s dive in and explore some of the options, which can help you look dashing on the baseball field.


If you are sitting in the stands at the baseball field, then be careful of an overly short skirt. Sometimes you will have to climb over people to reach your seat. Also, make sure to avoid short top as well because people will see you from entirely different angles, for example, above, behind, and you will have to twist around as you speak with other people.


In that case, you may want to consider wearing jeans, since they are the most convenient and most fashionable choice for this type of event. On the other hand, if your company has a logo or super-nice area with couches, then you can consider other options, such as a skirt, but not short because you will look unprofessional.

Not too tight

Some companies organize baseball games where their coworkers participate as well. Therefore, you can’t expect to wear tight clothes; otherwise, you won’t be able to move. For example, in this case, you can wear a shirt with the company’s logo and some tights, while men could wear shorts.

It is essential to feel comfortable and relaxed as you try to score the next point. On the other hand, your company might provide you the real baseball uniform, so in this case, you don’t have to worry about your fashion choice. But, regardless of what piece of clothes you select, make sure it puts off a casual vibe, but at the same time, represents your company’s name.

Therefore, your colleagues, as well as your bosses, will see how serious you are, and whether you are a team player or not.

When it’s too cold

Here you have plenty of options, but the same as with the previous example, make sure that clothes don’t limit your movement. For instance, it all depends on whether you are participating in a game or you are just watching.


If you are watching the game, then you could wear almost anything. You can arrive with a blazer or a jacket, and if it becomes too hot, just take it off. However, if you are participating in a game, then a hoodie could be a convenient choice. It will keep you warm while at the same time allows you to move freely.

Business casual

Last but not least is the business-casual option, which many people resort to. In this case, you are pretending like going to work, instead of a baseball game. However, to properly employ business-casual methods, you must evaluate your current situation.

Talk to your coworkers and ask them what they will be wearing to the same event. Otherwise, you may look out of place. Trousers and shirts might be a convenient solution because, at the same time, you are putting off a business and casual vibe.